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    Vincent van Gogh, Japonaiserie, 1887
    Vincent van Gogh, Japonaiserie, 1887

    Analysing East Asian contemporary art, whether it is Chinese, Korean or Japanese, is faced with the proposition of ‘Asianess’, the term itself indicates exclusion and differentiation from the rest of the contemporaneity. Before we delve into the contemporary issue, we should focus on 19th-century modernity, as this period greatly influenced our critical understanding of the matter.



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    Art Galleries during the pandemic

    Due to the global pandemic, a lot has changed for better or worse. This isn’t a narrative about how galleries and museums have used technology to rescue themselves and their exhibitions during lockdowns(some didn’t attempt to, many couldn’t afford to or tried and failed) instead, it is about how they handled lockdowns and ongoing restrictions by using technology to protect themselves from the unknown.

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    The impact of art on your employees wellbeing

    Showcasing art in the workplace can boost employee performance, the frame of mind, and physical well-being. 


    A significant amount of research studies administered in the past years have recognized countless ways — from the pragmatic to the unintentional — that positioning carefully-chosen art in the place of work can improve employee experience and accomplishment and assist in delivering the correct message to visitors. 

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    Why should we invest in emerging art

    The way most of us perceive art investors are in a way mystical with the presumption those individuals have billions of dollars in their bank accounts but in reality, nowadays art collection isn't exclusive only to the wealthy.  

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    A modern icon, Molly Parkin

    Molly Parkin was one of Andy Warhol’s contemporaries in New York City and formed part of the ‘swinging 60s’ London movement.She was Fashion Editor for some of the most iconic magazines from the 60s ranging from Vogue and Harpers & Queen, through to The Sunday Times Nova magazine, going on to win ‘Fashion Editor of the Year’ in 1971.

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    Takeover Tuesday with Athena Anastasiou

    Athena creates empowering portraits that speak of this authenticity. She does this by getting to know the sitters' lives and their powerful life intentions and does her best to translate that through a photo first and then a painted portrait. Her work is also inspired by the book "Letting Go - The Pathway of Surrender" by David R. Hawkins which talks about mindfulness and provides effective tools to let go of lower grade emotions that do not serve you.

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    Open Studio_Nina Archer

    Nina works by building up multiple layers with a palette knife and then sanding, scoring, and erasing – constantly adding and subtracting to reveal or obscure memory of something previous. She uses elements of what she sees, predominantly from the landscape, paring down to simple abstraction. ​

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    Cristobal Perez Garcia Solo exhibition

    Cristobal Perez Garcia was born 1976 in Álora, Malaga, Spain and graduated in Fine Arts with a Major in Painting and Sculpture from the University of Granada, Spain.

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    5 Mandatory Tips for Emerging Artists

    Emerging artists have a long journey ahead of them, full of hardships and failures. Facing failures doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have what it takes to become a successful artist. However, if you are facing failure after failure or want to play smart and avoid making mistakes, you have come to the right place.


    Most emerging artists don’t receive any support, be it financial or emotional. However, finding ways to move forward with your passion for art is all that it takes to reach your destination. People rarely buy emerging artists paintings, and at one point, your dreams might look far from reality.

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    Why You Should Visit Art Galleries in Chelsea London
    The number of art galleries in Chelsea, London, has been increasing, and people have acknowledged it as a great way to shape our society. Apart from the galleries, everything around is art, such as the music you listen to, our home décor, the way we dress up – literally everything.
    With the recent boom of social media, people have been enjoying artwork through their screens. However, to understand the texture, scale, true colors, and detailing of an artwork, it must be witnessed in-person. Plus, visiting an art gallery after so long can be a fun activity for everyone, improving community relationships. When you are visiting an art gallery, you make memories that you can cherish forever.
  • Art in Corporate Spaces

    5 Benefits of Art in the Workplace.
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    Art in Corporate Spaces

    Summer is approaching and no doubt office staff have already planned their getaway from the busy city! Why not keep the team motivated in the lead up with uplifting and thought-provoking artwork.

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    How Can Art Improve Mental Health?

    With the current circumstances of the world in mind, people have been facing a lot of challenges in their daily life. People have started to feel social isolation and require an escape from reality. This is where art comes in to save everyone.

    While art usually portrays our thoughts and feelings, it also promotes well-being and self-love. Studies have shown that people suffering from depression, anxiety, or even cancer can benefit from art in many ways.

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    We all know that even the smallest habits, such as nail-biting, could be hard to quit. However, our daily mental habits are even harder to break as they are infused in our everyday thought process, which is why breaking free from such a pessimist mentality is immensely important.

    Art is something that comes to you naturally and in a positive environment. You cannot force yourself to draw or paint a masterpiece whenever you want. Removing some of the negative thoughts will keep you in the right headspace and away from any distractions while working. We have compiled a list of habits every artist should quit before making their big debut in any London gallery.