Art in Corporate Spaces

5 Benefits of Art in the Workplace.
Mar 3, 2020
Art in Corporate Spaces

Artwork by Fintan Whelan in situ


5 benefits of art in your corporate space 


1. Enthusiasm

Art is one of the most inspirational objects, sparking creativity, motivation and productivity. It has proven to energise team enthusiasm and as a result keeping the office on top form! Like any great view both eye-catching and stimulating, an artwork aims to embrace the same feeling. Atmosphere as well as team benefits, creating a peaceful and comforting environment for clients is a focus. Bringing the outdoors to an office space is essential. It is inevitable to feel like.


2. Leave an impression

Art in the workplace states your company is a supporter of the arts and therefore a true believer of supporting other businesses. Leaving a good impression is key to building new and ongoing relationships with clients.


3. Ice Breaker

The key communication and relationship building can often take many meetings and several encounters to engage and for them to take a shine. artwork can be the catalyst to a conversation starter which is a big deal. A light hearted to comment or two sharing an interest in art.


The growing market for art in the office has many benefits beyond brightening a room. Like any great view both eye-catching and stimulating, the 508 Gallery aims to embrace the same feeling to fit within the office space. 0203 719 3109



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