Habits You Should Give Up To Become an Artist

Nov 1, 2018

Forget the Words “Not Enough”

Any successful artist won’t frame things over the perception of “not enough.” There is never enough time, money, confidence, or even skills to do whatever you need to do at that moment to become a successful artist. It is always a constant journey full of struggles, and the underlying fear of not being enough can only cause hurdles for you.


Never Compare Yourself with Others

You might absent-mindedly compare yourself with some big art gallery artists. However, the truth about comparisons is that you will always be better at something than others. There is no place for comparisons, as each of us is here to illustrate our own stories and feelings.

It can not only damage your creativity but can also stunt your growth. Comparing yourself to someone who is twenty years into their career is a toxic habit and should be broken immediately. Your only competition should be yourself.


Quit Making Excuses

Being a successful artist requires constant dedication and effort. In order to see your work in any art gallery in London, you would have to show up for work. There comes the point when everyone in their life has made up excuses to avoid work. It’s one thing to have something urgent come up, but making up excuses over nothing won’t get you far.


Working All the Time Can Cause Burnout

We understand that it is tough to leave an artwork incomplete, the curiosity can kill you while you toss in bed trying to sleep. Sure, having a complete masterpiece in front of your eyes is a splendid feeling, but you need to understand when to quit.

Rest assured, investing in your mind and body won’t go in vain. To have immense productivity and basic levels of creativity, maintaining your health should be a priority. Go for walks, exercise, and enjoy other hobbies.


Give Up the Idea of Perfectionism

With art, there is no right or wrong way. Artists obsessing over the idea of perfectionism are often found to be afraid of failure. The idea of having something perfect will always keep you on your toes, whether it is art, education, or talent. If you are afraid to put something out there, you will never showcase anything. Failing is the part of the journey, and you should embrace it with open arms.


“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which one to keep,” a famous quote from Scott Adams.


Keep Breaking the Bad Habits

Having your artworks being displayed at any of dream art galleries in London is a constant struggle, but not impossible. However, you cannot achieve outstanding results if you keep doubting yourself and give into bad habits. Spend time on yourself to remove these toxic habits from your life while encouraging yourself towards the road to success.

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