The Beauty of Nature's Life: Yi-Ching Chen Solo Exhibition

"The beauty of nature's life" continues Yi-Ching's long-standing interest in the Nihonga technique of painting and showcases her approach of incorporating it into her contemporary practice. The Nihonga style emerged in Japan during the Meiji period (1868-1912) characterised by traditional artistic conventions, techniques and materials. The new works further recall Yi-Ching's outstanding painting style deeply rooted in her early training in Japan. In 2002, she was admitted to study at the renowned Institute of Fine Arts at the Kyoto Municipal University of Arts under Takao Yamazaki, a prominent representative of the Nitten movement. In 2003, she was awarded the Shouhaku Museumʼs Grand Prize for her painting Kabocha. Atsushi Uemura, an eminent master of Nihonga, also recognised her immense talent, offering her a studio and the opportunity to study under his guidance after completing her Masterʼs Degree.


Currently based in France, Yi Ching Chenʼs exquisite skills and long experience make her one of the most eminent contemporary Nihonga artists in Europe. Although the practice has only a few representatives based in Europe, it attracts a growing interest amongst admirers and collectors of contemporary Western art. Her new works showcase her outstanding technique and her admiration of late 19th century Impressionists, resulting in her unique depictions of landscapes. Her artworks reveal a close connection with the elements of nature, not only with the subjects but also with the materials used in its technical creation, such as earth and mineral pigments. Her artworks convey a mystic ambience, revealing the artistʼs mind and sensibility.