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6 questions with Athena Anastasiou

Athena is an art scholar and post graduate from Central St Martins, and is best known for her vibrant and eclectic large scale oil paintings produced from her studio in Dalston, East London. 

Athena Anastasiou studio shot.

We asked Athena 6 questions in relation to her art journey.

Why art?

"Art has been instinctive in my life, I feel people have a certain skill or way of expressing themselves and art is mine. I find it so enjoyable to see what comes out, constantly discovering new techniques and ideas. Art is pure creation, and in creation there is presentness and I feel that is a powerful way of living as you are not in the past or future in those moments. Art is powerful and can lift people into a new space and way of thinking."

How often do you spend in the studio per week?

"I spend 6 days in the studio when I have a deadline for a show. Otherwise I can spend 5 days in the studio, and on weekends, spend time with my partner, friends and family."

What motivates and drives your work?

"I am constantly exploring how to move people through portraiture, emphasising the pure connection between sitter and viewer. I am looking how to do this within minimal mark making and by removing what is not necessary." 

"I am also constantly finding and rediscovering my voice through paint, currently I am excited to create a new visual language that mixes old realism with contemporary modern colours, you can see this in my latest body of work called “The Contemporary Indigenous”."

What direction is your work heading now?

"I am currently exploring the concept of mixing the old and new to create something fresh and refined and I will also be continuing my exploration with expressive portraiture."

What do you hope people see when they look at your paintings?

"Beauty, truth and heart." / 0203 719 3109

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