Lee Kay-Barry

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  • Lee Kay-Barry is an abstract expressionist painter based in central London. Having graduated in Fine Art at the University of Leeds, he has since exhibited internationally and collaborated with esteemed institutions such as Royal Academy of Arts and managed artist residencies in London. He also specialises in graphic design and videography.


    Artist Statement: Colour plays a massive part in his work. He is interested in capturing familiar moments and focusing on small objects or settings that would often be left unnoticed.Companionship is an integral theme in his work, and he is fascinated by how our bodies interact, transition and turn with each other in the space around us. 


    For him abstraction is about taking something he sees and giving it new life and meaning. He takes inspiration from simple lines in architecture and tries to merge it with the fluidity of human movement. His work shares moments and memories which are relatable to all yet can be lost or forgotten in time.



    Public Artwork:

    2020 - Present

    2019 - 2020 



    • Young Contemporaries – Aubergine Art Gallery, Wimbledon, London, United Kingdom. Press Release
    • The Water Drinkers Trio Exhibition – Burleigh Street Townhouse, 12 Burleigh Street, London, United Kingdom.
    • Growth – Just Another Collective – Grow Tottenham, Ashley House, Ashley Rd, Tottenham Hale, London, United Kingdom.
    • Cluster Illustration – Ugly Duck, 47-49 Tanner Street, London Bridge, London, United Kingdom.
    • AucArt Lab Residency Exhibition curated by Kate Moths of Young Space – Gloucester Place, Marylebone, London, United Kingdom.
    • Just Another Collective Debut – The Flying Dutchman, Camberwell, London, United Kingdom.


    • C4RD Drawing Show – C4RD, 2-4 Highbury Station Rd, London, United Kingdom.
    • Unspoken Stories 'Ticket To You' Release Party – Fiddler's Elbow, Camden, United Kingdom.
    • Portray – Old Biscuit Factory, London, United Kingdom.
    • Show Of Hands: DISCUSSING AND AIDING DRUGS – The Victoria 451 Queensbridge Road, London, United Kingdom.
    • Ones to Watch 2018 – Sunny Bank Mills Gallery, Pudsey, United Kingdom.


    • Fragments  Norman Rea Gallery, York, United Kingdom.
    • SO WHAT OF THE FUTURE? – School of Fine Art, History of Art  & Cultural Studies, University of Leeds, United Kingdom.
    • Lightly Salted  Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds, United Kingdom.
    • TRACES – Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds, United Kingdom.


    • Où Est La Piscine? – School of Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural  Studies, University of Leeds, United Kingdom.
    • ¿Bos Qué? – Llíria, Valencia, Spain.


    • FINE LINE – The Merrion Centre, Leeds, United Kingdom.


    • 2nd Prize BP Next Generation: Young People's Private View – National Portrait Gallery, London, United Kingdom.
    • First Year Exhibition  Chemistry Studios, Leeds University, United Kingdom.


    • Urban Regeneration Initiative – Pop up Gallery Funded by Harrow Council, St Georges, Harrow, United Kingdom.


    • National Students’ Exhibition  Mall Galleries, London, United Kingdom
    • Lee Kay-Barry, Muffled Silence, 2020
      Lee Kay-Barry, Muffled Silence, 2020
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