June Kim

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  • June Kim was born and raised in South Korea and America. She works in Los Angeles  after she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at Art Center College of Design.  She builds her sculptures and installations by fabricating red thread on plexiglass  structures, based on her social media data. Her materials and hand sewing process are  inspired by the red thread concept from ancient Asian belief, that we are all destined to  meet with our significant others with invisible red thread connections.  


    Her work won placement as one of the finalist from SeeMe Global Competition and  awarded for the Scope Art Show at Art Basel in Miami 2012. She won the second place  prize for California Open Exhibition 2013 at Tag Gallery, juried by an acclaimed art  critic, Edward Goldman. Kim Participated in various numbers of art exhibitions in  California, including Main Museum, San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, BG Gallery, H  Gallery, and Irvine Fine Arts Center. In 2017, She is selected for Seismic Shift exhibition at Launch LA, juried by MaKenzie Stevens, a curatorial assistant from Hammer  Museum. Her installation, Intersection, also won a solo show 2017 at 825 gallery.


    In  2018, Her work chosen for the exhibition, Cardinal Plans, at Gallery Korea from Korean  Cultural Center in New York, representing as a young Korean-American artist, juried by  Ian Alteveer, an associate curator of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Kim showcased  her work at BG Gallery from Los Angeles Art Show 2019.  Her works / featured interviews have been published in various online and offline art  magazines. Resources including Behance, Art Observed, Jaxtapoz, Art Slant, Art  Rabbit, NY Art Beat, Gallery Korea KCCNY, and Voyage LA. She has been a member  of Los Angeles Art Association for 6 years. Currently working in Los Angeles. Working  remotely in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York.



    Solo Exhibitions:   


    • 825 Gallery Amaurosis : Destitute of Vision / Los Angeles, CA in United States


    • 825 Gallery Intersection / Los Angeles, CA      

    Group Exhibitions:


    • Launch LA Transition, Recognizing this historic time, the artists of Tarfest 2020 / Los Angeles, CA   - Juried by Holly Jerger, Exhibition Curator of Craft Contemporary, Los Angeles  
    • 825 Gallery Non Sequitur / West Hollywood, CA  


    • BG Gallery LA Art Show / Los Angeles, CA


    • San Luis Obispo Museum of Art Dimensions 2018 / San Luis Obispo, CA  
    • Gallery Korea KCCNY Cardinal Planes / New York, NY   - Juried by Ian Alteveer, Associate Curator of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York   BG Gallery Gestalt Projects : Red / Santa Monica, CA   Launch LA (2017) Seismic Shift / Los Angeles, CA   - Juried by MacKenzie Stevens, Curatorial Assistant of Hammer Museum, Los Angeles  


    • Irvine Fine Arts Center All Media 2017 / Irvine, CA  
    • H Gallery Departure Theory / Abstraction / Ventura, CA


    • Tag Gallery An Odd Night / Santa Monica, CA  


    • 825 Gallery Out There / West Hollywood, CA  


    • 825 Gallery Gleaming Apollo / West Hollywood, CA  
    • Tag Gallery California Open Exhibition : Second Place Winner /Ventura, CA   - Juried by Edward Goldman, Art Critic for KCRW, NPR affiliate station and The Huffington Post  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqAnT_zQpoU  


    • Art Basel Scope Art Show : See.me Finalist Winner / Miami Beach, FL 


    • Shoshana Wayne Gallery Chain Letter / Santa Monica, CA 
    • June Kim, Knots ll, Time Landscape, 2017
      June Kim, Knots ll, Time Landscape, 2017
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