Julia Silvester

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  • Julia Silvester is an Italian-born, London-based fine artist. 
    Following her BA Fashion Illustration studies at London College of Fashion, she recently graduated with distinction from MFA Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Arts. Silvester's painting practice places emphasis on themes of femininity, isolation and the home while locating strangeness within the ordinary.


    The familiar and the unfamiliar unite in psychically charged encounters between figures, birds and interior spaces. In a disrupted form of realism, layers of oil paint on aluminium, create a bruised colour palette that depicts disquieting defamiliarisations of interiors. Silvester's use of colour, composition and light constructs cinematic and emotive environments, where the viewer emerges as a voyeur or an intruder of the unsettling makeshift spaces.




    • Arthousehaus (London UK), “My House Is An Island”
    • Sprout Arts (London UK), “10 Degrees Plus”


    • Platform Soutwark (London UK), “Emergency Art”
    • The Crypt Gallery (London UK), “Immurement”
    • Chelsea Space (London UK), “One Night Stand”
    • Julia Silvester, Resting, 2020
      Julia Silvester, Resting, 2020
    • Julia Silvester, Bathing, 2020
      Julia Silvester, Bathing, 2020
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