Cristobal Perez Garcia solo exhibition: Bridges

Cristobal Perez Garcia solo exhibition: Bridges

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Cristobal Perez Garcia; you might have heard his name before, famous as he is renowned for his intricate details while highlighting scenic views in his paintings. He is naturally gifted at capturing and framing the reality around him in his works – his paintings aren't only attractive; they also manage to capture the interest of the viewer.   We are thrilled to bring Cristobal's landscape into Chelsea for 2 weeks to empower our mind travelling with Cristobal.   

He uses the landscape to express himself, of reflecting his contemporary world. His painting, in a more or less realistic way, tries to show the landscape that is part of our daily world, reflect that reality and use the classical technique for it. Colour, luminosity and textures combine to communicate the force that has everything around us.


Exhibition: 29th Sep - 13th Oct 2020 10.00am - 6.00pm
Private View: 1st Oct 2020 11.00am – 8.30pm


Book your place for Private View or a visit now