Cubism Reimagined: A Solo Exhibition by Max Hembrow

‘Cubism Reimagined,’ a solo exhibition by Max Hembrow, open from 4th April until 8th May 2022. This will be Hembrow’s second solo exhibition at 508 Gallery. In this new display of works, the young British artist engages the audience with captivating figures, breaking down forms into fragmented physical realms.


The private view for the exhibition will take place on the evening of Thursday 7th April 2022. Tickets for the private view will be available on Eventbrite, or can be arranged via email at This will be an opportunity for the audience to learn more about Hembrow’s practices, to meet and get to know the artist, and to talk to other visitors who share an interest in contemporary art. 


Hembrow (b. 1994) is currently based in London with a studio in Devon. Having studied fine art, portraiture and figurative abstraction at Arts University Bournemouth, the Florence Academy of Art, Central Saint Martins and the Paris College of Art, Hembrow’s technique is complex and nuanced. His compositions examine cubism, art history, identity and the female form. They are vivid and apt in their storytelling.

‘Cubism Reimagined’ includes recently completed paintings in oil on canvas and drawings in charcoal on paper. The pieces showcase Hembrow’s evolving cubist style presenting the human form, marked by his thoughtful brushstrokes and complex compositions. His technique explores a fractured image; he breaks figures down to their simplest form, emphasising the many viewpoints of binocular vision.


Hembrow’s work is visually and intellectually stimulating. He describes Cubism as an ‘unfinished movement’ and aims to expand on and appropriate the creations of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. Through his work he reimagines one of the movements that shaped 20th Century art, and the contemporary art landscapes that we know today.