PAIN IS ALWAYS TEMPORARY: Mr Kling’s Solo Exhibition

“Live. Do what you like, and do it often”- Mr Kling

Mr Kling is a Norwegian pop artist who is intrigued and fascinated by popular culture. Incorporating imagery from films, tv shows, literature, music, and the internet, he is able to entice viewers into his paintings. This, with his bold use of vibrant neon colours and punchy line-work, creates visually complex scenes. The paintings are packed with so much information, that the longer one views his work, the more is revealed to them. 


His work is very tongue-in-cheek, subverting celebrities and well-known characters in order to convey his messages. From the exterior, his works seem to be superficial, however, the artist aims for the viewer to not take his work at face value and to delve beyond the surface of the canvas. In doing so, it may reveal the artist’s own thoughts and emotions on certain topics.