DON’T BLINK: A Solo Exhibition By Fringe

‘My paintings are essentially my analysis of life with its supremely fast pace. We are trapped somewhere between the past and the future. My art is concerned with what is left behind, once we are done worshipping monuments’ - Fringe 

Fringe’s Solo exhibition pays homage to the cartoon characters and charades of youth. The series, containing superheroes and underdogs, is the artist’s take on the pop world of familiar characters, brands and slogans.     Digital media, virtual wars, the pandemic and online celebrities have brought us together in ways previously unimaginable. The works, many produced on found paper, remind us that there is less separation in our lives from the absurdities of the comic world. The found paper brings the works closer to our own specific reality, providing an archival edge.    ‘My paintings are essentially an analysis of my life, the loves of my children, and the obsessions we all have with the global pop culture in our midst’, says Fringe, South Africa's most famous, yet anonymous pop artist.