Line of Sight: A collection of new paintings made during lockdown and beyond

"Line of Sight", a collection of new paintings made during lockdown and beyond by Nina Archer on view at 508 King's Rd, London. Private viewing on 24th of June from 6:30-9:00pm.


Nina’s work has a strong association with landscape, not in any representational way, it is more her experience of it, attempting to look beyond what is normally seen. Her training and background is in design and this has had a significant effect on her understanding of form, proportion and mark making and has been instrumental in the development of a graphic approach to the work.


Her studio in the Shropshire hills overlooks long views of hills and rolling countryside and she spends a lot of time walking and observing her immediate environment, examining and absorbing elements of the landscape that are important to her – particularly focusing on the shape and contours of the land, the textural layering from soil cultivation, the linear forms,

the darkness and contrast of the forested valleys, the accents of colour and the changing weather patterns.


Nina’s process involves building up multiple layers with a palette knife and then sanding, scoring and erasing to reveal or obscure marks previously made. By applying multiple layers of gesso, charcoal, acrylic and graphite, evidence of numerous adjustments and traces are always left behind. These accidental marks are sometimes more important than deliberate ones and can change the direction of the work, often taking it down an unexpected route.


The textural details and colours are used as a contrast to focus or balance the composition. Although these are elements from the landscape, they are not used in any representational way. She likes the idea that there are areas in the painting that may look flat from afar but when you examine them closely the surface is often highly textured.