The Cuba Collection: Contemporary Cuban Art at 508 Gallery

The Cuba Collection: Contemporary Cuban Art  at 508 Gallery | 23 November - 7 December 2019   The hidden artistic talent of Cuba is highlighted in this vibrant new exhibition which arrives in London for two weeks in partnership with the 508 Gallery.   As well as being a visual feast for the viewer, The Cuban Collection: Contemporary Cuban Art is also an exciting platform for the artists to show their work outside of their home country, giving many of them their first international exposure.     The exhibiting artists include Yuniel Delgado, whose artworks combine dark backgrounds with colourful figures and animals, using symbols and materials from everyday life, and Serlian Barreto, whose prize-winning work focuses on natural landscapes and animals –most notably cactuses. Another upcoming star in Cuba’s art scene, José Capaz, often creates pieces which depict huge life-like tongues in various settings; his style of painting varying from series to series.  Established artists are also represented in the exhibition, with Osy Milan who has previously exhibited across the US and Europe. Her work has Pop Art style tones, commonly featuring different types of birds as a symbol of journeys. Dayron Gallardo‘s work is also frequently exhibited and collected across the globe, and his fragmented landscapes are huge in scale; the mixed media pieces emerging as new imagined dimensions. Over twenty works by these artists and more will be on display, shining a light on the talent emerging from the Caribbean island.