Eve Shepherd: Flesh & Bone

We have teamed up with Farnon & Lake to bring you an exciting and adventurous exhibition of world class sculptures by Eve Shepherd.


Drawing on classical literature and paying homage to great sculptors of the past, the show explores deep emotional themes; Themes which are expressed effortlessly within the artists skilful hands; Hands which infuse every sinew of flesh, every knuckle of bone within each sculpture with a power and sensitivity rarely seen in today’s art-world, with many unique and previously unseen pieces in bronze and ceramic making their debut appearance.


Though much of Eves work appears to be rooted in Greek mythology, it is more of an expression of psychological states, she uses the human and zoomorphic forms to illustrate a state of being human. 

This work draws influence from classical literature, Homer, Milton, Coleridge, and pays homage to the great sculptors of the past, Rodin, Giambologna, Bernini, and waves a hand to artists such as Doré's, Titian, Bacon, and Picasso.


The small scale of the work offers a freedom and expression, untethered by the rigid, immovable armature of a full scaled sculpture. Eve then sculpts intuitively playing with the concepts, emotions and narratives inspired by an immediate response to the material, form and mood. These pieces then invite the individual to connect with them, offering an intimate interplay between viewer and sculpture. When these maquettes are scaled up to life-size and beyond the power of the work is often amplified to speak not only to the individual but also to an arena.