Anita Josephine Wales’ solo exhibition, In Contemplation

“I am drawn to reflections and how they alter the reality of what you’re looking at, revealing the dissolving layers that draw you in to an altered sense of depth. These soothe and give you space to think.” - Anita Josephine Wales


The collections in the show reveal Anita’s view of the world through the abstraction of the camera frame. The end results are sometimes so dissolved that they can almost have the qualities of a painting.


The beauty, depth and patterns of nature have always been a source of both creative inspiration and food for the soul. Blended with her love of photography, she captures her perception of the world through the energy and magic in shapes and patterns.


”Anita Wales’ images are imaginative. To the observer - the clarity, sharpness and adventure are so effusive that you experience it significantly when you subsequently move into everyday life.“ Mia Okkels