Why Should You Support Emerging Artists?

Artists have a way of their own in getting the message across, and emerging artists are always finding unconventional ways of expressing their thoughts. When you own a piece of art, you develop a personal connection with the artist, with contemporary art you have a unique relationship with the emerging artist which isn’t like any other relationship you’ve experienced.

The sad thing about art is, we only recognise great art once the creator (artist) has ceased to exist, but when you buy from a living and breathing artist, you aren’t only recognising their work but also giving them the vote of confidence especially if the emerging artist has just started to build his/her audience. Supporting emerging artists, paintings, and other artworks in London is both a meaningful act for you and for the artist that you are promoting.


We believe in them

Another reason for you to support emerging artists paintings in London is the belief in the artist along with the art which is being crafted by him/her. 508 Gallery longs to support other emerging artists in London because we know exactly what it feels like being an artist ourselves. We understand the struggle of continually trying to find the right balance in creative, work, and family life. We are also aware of the lack of moral support that emerging artists face as they try to express themselves in the way they want.

We, as a gallery, make it our fulltime job to represent, support, and promote emerging artists through our gallery and every other accessible channel (PR, social media, opening receptions, meetings, and artist talks) while keeping our doors always open for art lovers. We make sure that our stage is always set, our lights are always on, our property taxes are paid, we keep the heat on, and effortlessly try to make our gallery the best platform for all emerging artists.

508 Gallery is home to many emerging artists who’ve newly stepped foot in the art world; we provide them with the platform to showcase their work and to express their thoughts in a manner that is unique for the viewer. We can also source artwork outside our main portfolio if required.