Athena is a post graduate from Central St Martins, and is best known for her vibrant and eclectic large scale paintings.     


She has had three solo shows and exhibited in numerous group shows around London, Portugal and Morocco. She is also a keen advocate for the emerging art scene in London, founding a pop up Art Gallery and Collective called “Meet The Artists” in 2015 that has represented over 100 emerging artists from London.     


Athena is now living in New York where she is deepening her art practice and creating new work for her next solo show. 


Her most recent body of work “Athena’s Mythology” explores her own personal mythology that speaks about identity and the core concerns of human existence. It's a constellation of her beliefs, feelings and images that construct her very own explanation of the world.     Some of the questions she asks through the work are, “Where do we come from, why is our planet and wellbeing so out of balance? Defaulting to fear and frustration rather than love and creation and how it is our responsibility individually to shift that.”     


As a whole, Athena’s paintings are continual explorations of colour, form and texture, investigating how far the artist can stretch the form whilst still portraying the essence and energy of a person or place.  All the work has an underlying interest in empowerment through imagery and written word and promoting the raise of consciousness through art.