Jo Holdsworth is a London-based artist who paints contemporary figures and cityscapes as well as modern landscapes. Often centred around the theme of transitional spaces, Jo paints striking figures within urban environments, inspired by the cityscapes of London in which she lives. 


A recent article in Arts & Collections described Jo’s work as evoking “with uncanny semblance, the comings, and goings of everyday life. With seemingly effortless brush strokes and a limited colour palette, she crafts an artistic window into quintessentially British scenes. The figures in her work, elongated and striking, dominate her oil on canvas paintings as recurrent leitmotifs. Faceless and eerie, they are denied identity. But this anonymity means each one of them could be any one of us, adding to the undeniably potent imagery of Jo’s work.”


Jo has exhibited widely in solo and group shows and regularly undertakes commissions. She has recently become a winner of the Royal Arts Prize Visitors’ Choice Award and her work is often on display in commercial spaces in and around the capital. 


Jo is also known for her vibrant seascapes painted on her travels and we are lucky to have both some of her figurative work and some of her seascapes here at the 508 Gallery.