Philip Maltman was born and brought up on the west coast of Scotland. He went to Hornsey College of Art in 1968 and then to Ravensbourne College of Art and design graduating in 1971. 


Contact with Richard Demarco, Joseph Beuys, Alan Davie and Don Van Vliet (aka Captain Beefheart) proved even more enlightening than Art School. He recently made Contact with Nicola Del Roscio, the late Cy Twombly’s long time associate whose help and encouragement has been invaluable. His early experimental work with word and image led to interlinked passions for painting and books which continue to this day. 

He has been selected for The John Moore’s Painting Prize, The RA Summer Exhibition 4 times, The Cheltenham Open Drawing Prize 3 times and was winner of the London Group Open Major Award in 2009. His work is in collections in Europe and America.


“Philip Maltman's paintings are incredibly accomplished, both technically and through their subject matter and composition. Also great use of paint in itself, the artist is clearly influenced by the history of British culture, in particular English pastoral landscape painting of the Romantic period, through to myth and modernism. The gestural strokes, use of iconography and text also tip a wink to the master, Cy Twombly, and are no less good for that."